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How sweet it is

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How sweet it is this love we share.
Knowing at the end of the day you'll always be there.
When we're apart it's you I miss.
I always look forward to our next sweet kiss.
Your love means more than I can say.
I'll show you every night and day.
I love your warm, loving embrace.
The smile that appears on your face.

With you I have nothing to fear.
My worries disappear as you hold me near.
I keep expecting to wake to find the past three years was just a dream.
Your love is my reality which tells me we make the perfect team.
My lonely nights are no more.
I've never felt like this before.
The day you entered my life my dream came true.
How sweet it is being loved by you

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  1. noori noori's Avatar
    Thx for sharing
  2. marshjose's Avatar
    It's very sweet. Indeed very sweet loved reading it.

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  3. HayleyG's Avatar
    Thanks marshjose. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. And thanks noori noori for reading my poems. Thank you both :-)