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Very Busy

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I'm sorry for the delay. I've been fairly busy over here working in the Healing Houses. My hand is now slightly better, but I have scratches on it from Irc.

In the Healing Houses, they have roughly ten people that have a mysterious illness. I do not know what it is. I have only been able to cure two people freom it. The sickness drains my energy fairly quickly.

I finally managed to wash off the stupid glitter. Irc is very mad now and won't talk to me. My hand is healing slowly since I can't heal it for fear of not being able to heal the sick.

I must return to the Healing House, two more have arrived.


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  1. Maerad(",)'s Avatar
    Healing houses is really a busy place isn't it?

  2. PellinorFanatic's Avatar
    Yes they are