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Almost there...

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I'm less than 100 pages from the end of Stone of Tears. It was really slow going for a while there in the beginning...

And the middle....

But it's been pretty good for the last 150-200 pages or so. Just like Wizard's First Rule, there is a huge chunk that could have been slashed right out to make this doorstop of a book a bit shorter. But the end (so far) has gotten me back into it.

As a side note, it was cool to see something in the preview for this week's Legend of the Seeker that happened in the book. It seems Richard's "gift" is surfacing in the show, and it's giving him extreme headaches, like in the book. And it shows him with some sort of special cloak, I think. Maybe the one he gets from the mristwith he kills in the Hagen Woods?

We'll see.

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