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Christopher W

The Masquerade

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The darkened hall sparkled by

The spark of life of all….

Sand kissed the lips of Aqua

Then that form breathed the Air

With the warmth of Fire; the Heir of Air

Then the dance has begun…….

Karma scales the soul’s weight

Then the souls comes to the eve

They select the earthly forms so fast

And the forms begin to breathe….

Summer lass grows into Spring

Then she becomes Autumn

Autumn sleeps to die & rest

And turns into Winter doom….

The dance of the life then changes its phase

Unto the beat of the daughters

And the forms change to the very phase

To keep the tempo on the forces….

Earthly things dance around the fire

The fire of life….

Step by step

Move by move

Earth the bride alters her mood

Then the Grooms change to please her soon

Those who doth may remains

Those who not somehow depart
From the hall of the Masquerade…..

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  1. robbie1addison's Avatar
    Christopher W, your thoughts are beyond real. You mix and match opposite conditions.PDF Redaction
    Updated August 6th, 2011 at 05:58 AM by robbie1addison
  2. hoktooey's Avatar
    cris, help me please to submit some poetry, thanks , Daniel Kleinmeier
  3. BenThomas's Avatar
    Awesome thoughts, Christopher just loved the way you used hyperbole in your poem, making impossible thing happening possible!!

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