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Even later....

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Watchmen: Can't say I disagree with Robs comments HERE or the Forum comments HERE.

It's a great movie, though Snyder has had a huge gamble here: by following the book closely but not totally (never really an option) some fans will never be happy; and by using some of the stylistic elements of the novel it may alienate some of the non-graphic-novel readers.

But allowing for the fact that he's tried to do something near-impossible is very impressive indeed. It's clearly been done with love and affection: and might just convert some of the to-be-converted.

Just got back from the book signing with Ray Feist. Pretty good: about 50 people there, some good questions and, despite the jet lag, some pretty good responses from Mr Feist. No book reading, just 45 minutes of chat and Q&A.

Did seem a little rushed, but was nice to meet him again.

And got some books signed!

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