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Leaving Innail

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Dernhil loophole blog #3:

It's been a few more days since I last wrote. My head is beginning to clear, and my health is returning. After Anhil departed with my "remains", I received word that most of Innail was in mourning. It brings warmth to my heart to know so many care for me.

From where I am now, wandering farther from Innail's soild white walls, I wonder what I am leaving behind-there are so many questions I want, need, to ask, and yet there is no one here to talk with. How did I survive? Did I deliberately throw myself into a coma-like state instead of cutting off my life source? How did Silvia safe me? There are too many unanswered issues...

Silvia has promised to send word to me when she can, but I do not expect that to last. Times are dangerous- if the dark got a hold on any such correspondence, everyone's lives would be put into danger. No, I cannot allow that, which is why I must find a place to live while Maerad continues her journey, somewhere far away, with my friend Cadvan.

There is no point in writing this now, other than to keep myself occupied. Time seems to pass slower when one is completely alone. I would write a poem, but my heart is heavy and it grows dark. Perhaps it is a sign of what is to become of me...

~Dernhil of Gent.

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