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Don't go

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As he looks into my eyes, holding me tight.
Soft whispers to each other.
As he turns and starts to leave the room he hears me say...
Don't go.

In the early morning we cuddle up even tighter as the alarm goes off.
He finally gets up to get ready for work.
While I lay in bed wishing we could spend longer together.
As he leans in for one last hug and kiss, I watch as he says his goodbye and closes the door.
While all I can do is think to myself...
Don't go

As I am in his arms a rush of feelings overwhelms me.
Knowing with him I am completely happy.
Nothing else matters as long as we have each other.
These wonderful feelings I ask please...
Don't go.

Remembering my life before, knowing my life now.
How much happier I feel now than I used too.
How much I enjoy each day with all the people who love me.
How lucky I am to have so many people who show me how much they care.
I am thankful to everyone for the influences they hold in my life.
No matter what happens in our lives, they all leave a mark in my memories that...
Don't go.

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