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Series that have lost you

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While it is not for everyone and does not work with all series, here is my method of sticking with a good series in spite of a bad book or two in the middle. I listen to them in audio format! A mediocre book will not hold my interest when it is taking up my precious dedicated reading time but I can perfectly happily listen to it since I am also using that same time to sit in traffic, mow my lawn, drive long distances, etc.... This has kept me in some series (like WOT) that I probably would have put down otherwise.
There are very well read WOT audio books but I have never seen a Malazan book in audio format so it is far from a universal solution.
Your milage may vary.

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****... a slow down from books 8+ too?! Forget about it, lol. I don't know if I can hang on that long. Plus their slitting the final book into 3 volumes last I heard... I don't know if I can do it in all honesty, lol. I'm around page 450 on book six, and it still hasn't taken off... I was hoping it would get interesting again around 7

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