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A Letter

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(Zelika Loophole Blog #8)

I sent a letter to Hem today, since a man named Nelac told me he had recently seen him there. I met Nelac because he was giving Sunara a private lesson about Bard things. He does not teach much anymore, he says he is getting too old, but he taught my sister a little. He said he came from Innail and I asked if Hem was there and he said yes. So I sent a letter. Here is what I writed:


I have arrived in Lirigon. I am staying in a spare Bardhouse because my friend, Irak'gar, is a Bard, and my sister has the Speech. I want desperately to see you though I know it would take a while to travel to here.

Is my Annaren good? Irak'gar has taught me over the trip. My sentences are basic, he says, but I have good grammar. He still has to correct my spelling though. He says it would be impossible to read otherwise.

Come, please, Hem. You must meet Nisrah and Sunara, my brother and sister, and Mikerh and Irak'gar, my friends from Den Raven. They are not evil like the Nameless One was! Mikerh especially is very friendly, usually. Irak'gar watches over us. He says he is forty years old, which I do not understand, because he looks twenty or thirty years. Perhaps it is a Bard reason.

There is much we must talk about and do and see together, and I probably bore you with the letter. But come.

~Zelika of the House of Il Aran

PS, why did you think I was dead?

I hope that this letter makes him come to Lirigon to see me. Honestly I am worried that Hem and Mikerh are going to not like each other. Hem is my friend and Mikerh is very unpredictable, and sometimes violent. Hem might be worried for me and Nisrah. (Sunara is older than Mikerh and lots stronger)

There is much that I anticipate and much that I worry for. But with luck all will go well and I will see him soon.

~Zelika of the House of Il Aran

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  1. mystryder's Avatar
    I'm sure your letter will give poor Hem a heart attack.

  2. Maiablackwolf's Avatar
    What!? Do I say something wrong? Is my grammar not right?
  3. mystryder's Avatar
    Well, seeing that Hem is certain you are dead, to get a letter from you would shock him.

  4. Maiablackwolf's Avatar

    Well then, he will have to live with it and come to see me. Or I will go to see him, and I will be angry.
  5. Maerad(",)'s Avatar
    haha. yeah, you will give him a heart attack!