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Caspar Riga

From the book:

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"Right, you said something about the System of Units being just one of the formula spaces we find in nature. And that you bring these all in line within your oven, which has five buttons. Four can go up or down, or be still, three for the dimensions and one for entropy and temperature."
"Yes, the intersection between entropy and temperature."
"Fine, and the fifth button also has three positions," said Dion. It was all coming back to him. "One is OFF, which is for the whole oven, and if the oven is off it has the infinite dimensions of the universe. Another position is CLEAR, and in this position you raise and lower the dimensions of the domains in the oven with the first three buttons, or the intersections with the fourth button. And in the SET position, you can create a fixed domain or a fixed intersection, but you did not tell me about the SET position, because you were telling me how you rid the magnitudes of their ranks, and you did that in the CLEAR position."
"Okay. Except that I must have called the intersection button the fifth, and the off button the fourth, because that is what they are on the oven. So do you remember how I break the ranks?"

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