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Caspar Riga

Designer forces

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Point being that in this story the physical laws stay the same, they are taken as principles that work in principle, rather than on principle. So when I say as an author that there are many more formula spaces, besides the standard one in the books, but the principles are the same for each of them, I am making physics bigger than it is outside the book. Or am I? What if those other formula spaces I presumed don't work along? What if they form an obstruction to the flow of the story?
It is sometimes hard to throw the pearls away, when you know you have to, because after going through the logic you really find that a button should point up instead of down, and that the beauty came from a mistake, like I had yesterday, when I assumed ranked dimensions when they were rankless. By the way, the concept of a ranked dimension is just an impression I got from studying real math, though I do this just for fun. I suppose an actual mathematician would know the real word for what I call rank. Anyway, I managed to rewrite the button and the rank, and I reached the same kind of beauty only because in my mind, after seven or eight proofreadings, the whole theory has crystalized. To the extent, apparently, that even the mistakes are beautiful.

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