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Countdown begins....

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As my youngest Hobbitlet has been informing me all weekend, and also as the adverts have started on the BBC, next weekend is the start of the new Doctor Who with the new Doctor, Matthew Smith.

There's been a lot of speculation and hyper-ventilated comments about whether the new series will be any good.

Here's my prediction: Yes it will be, and I'll go further to say that in time (admittedly not necessarily at the beginning) he will be one of THE Doctors for many.

I trust Steven Moffat THAT much.

(Now all I've got to do is see a full episode.)

Here's a clip just to get you going, though.

Link HERE.

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Updated March 28th, 2010 at 02:05 PM by Hobbit

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  1. Luke_B's Avatar
    I agree, Mark. Moffat is an excellent writer and Matt Smith looks perfect for the part. I don't know when the new series starts in Australia but I have high anticipation levels.
  2. Hobbit's Avatar
    Thanks Luke. It was good, though not perfect. Think it really will get better.

    Having said that, the response of the young Hobbitlet: "That was really good. Better than most of the last series!"

    So it seems to have worked....

    [LATER EDIT: Let us know when its on in Aus. I suspect it won't be long, like the US. End of the month?]