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I want to express some of my thoughts, not my position mind you, but my thoughts on the abortion issue.

First, there are those out there who feel that women who get abortions should be ostracized for being murderers. Does this go equally well for the husbands and fathers who force women to have abortions? Are they held equally accountable for the child they created? Why do women carry the greatest burden of this shame?

Second, the same people who ostracize a woman for having an abortion also revile the woman who gives birth to a child out of wedlock. Do the fathers get as harsh a treatment? What incentive is there to do the right thing when you are trashed no matter what you do? Why are men not equally accountable for the indiscretion for which they are equally guilty of? Why are they not given some equally damning name like slut and treated like the hideous pus filled boil that the woman is treated as?

Lastly, the people whom make these pronouncements claim that God is on their side. If so, where is the compassion so defined by Christ's example "Forgive them Father, they know not what they do."? Where is their faith in God "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and do not rely on your own insight."?

My whole point for writing this post is that even though the cause is good, the methods are at times reprehensible. More time is spent on blame, hate, and intolerance than is spent on forgiveness, healing, and compassion. With this attitude, I feel the problem will only persist and get worse.

Instead of blaming the woman, maybe more time could be spent on teaching boys and girls the actual consequences to their actions. Stop hiding from the subject of sex and leaving your children at the mercy of their hormones and misguided peers. Teach our young men how to shoulder the burdens of fatherhood so that they can also see the wonders. Hold women up for making the right decision and forgive them the mistake they made. Help the downtrodden who find such situations even more demanding. Hold accountable those with all the advantages whom make the wrong decision out of pride, power, or malice. Don't act like your understanding of the way things should be is the one and only truth. In other words, change how you deal with the problem.

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  1. N. E. White's Avatar
    I second that motion, your honor.

    It is terrible, isn't it? The root cause of which is...our insatiable appetite for sex (or procreation). The fact is that human hormones and biology dictates that young (and old) folks will be interested in sex now and in the future. Hiding from that fact leads to unwanted pregnancies and horrible terminations. Today, we have a reasonable answer to that problem: contraceptives.

    To me, it is like penicillin or aspirin. It is a basic medical and social advancement that makes living a whole lot easier and humane. I don't think contraceptives take away the need to live a moral life (how ever you define that), but it does alleviate the burden of our biology.

    One thing that keeps running through my head: Why are we even discussing it? Surely we are all on the same page regarding this...aren't we?

    Until a few weeks ago, I would have been shocked to know that we weren't. I am so naive.

    I do hope folks see another way past this all.