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Poster Child for "Drill, Baby Drill"

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BP has once again showed us the lie behind the propaganda of the oil industry. Time and time again we are told that with modern technology oil can be retrieved will little impact to the enviroment. But then, Exxon Valdez and now Luisianna. Hey Govern Jindle, what are you going to tell all the fishermen who are going to lose their livelyhood to this disaster?

What I find funny is that the same people who vigorously push for more drilling are usually the same people that push for stiffer penalties for criminals, three strikes and your put away for good and the death penalty. They also push for companies to have more rights like an individual so they can gain the benefits. Well, what about the responsibility and punishment. If a company can get the right to influence politics with its money, why can't the company be put in jail. It may sound somewhat crazy, but so does given businesses all the perks without the responsibility.

How many strikes does the oil industry get before someone goes to jail. Sadder still is that we are to blame, too. We constantly let them get away with it and buy into the bright shiny lie they place before us. As long as the gas is cheap, we don't make much fuss. We get angry for awhile, but we don't go out and buy a more fuel effiecient car or find ways to use less petroleum based plastic. We don't support legislation that gets us off oil dependence. We just go back to business as usual and BP gets a slap on the wrist.

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  1. N. E. White's Avatar
    I know. I given up yelling and protesting. Nothing seems to change precisely because we are just too comfortable. Sad, but true.

    Vote. Get everyone you know to vote. Just vote. Maybe, just maybe, there's a light at the end of the tunnel.