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Flash Bang - not so Epic fail.

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Well... since Flash Bang seems to be an epic fail, thoguht I'd post my story starter here- theme Fear, add to the story with your comments (and if you're okay with it I'll add it to my facebook page to see if we can get a story going)

"The door creaked open, Rhody’s hand was frozen in place. He had not turned the handle. A chill ran down his spine. There was no breeze. He swallowed audibly, jumping with a yelp as a finger tapped him on the shoulder…"

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Updated March 13th, 2012 at 05:11 AM by MLSawyer

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  1. N. E. White's Avatar
    "What the hell are you doing here, Rhody?" Cybill whispered.

    She stood inches from Rhody's shoulder. He could barely make out the whites of her eyes in the dark hall.

    "Looking for you," he whispered back. "Where were you?"

    Cybill's hair brushed his chin as she glanced behind her. "No where you need to know about. Come with me," she said, yanking Rhody back the way he had come.
  2. Queen Pandora's Avatar
    'Oh no, not there again, please!' The flickering candlelight betrayed the terror in Rhody's eyes.

    'Come on, don't be such a sissy!' Cybill yanked him towards the basement, her hand strong and calloused from the hours she spent chopping firewood each week. Ever since her father's death from cancer and her brother's conscription into the army, she had more or less become the man of the house to her two sisters and increasingly-feeble mother. 'It'll be fun!'

    'Fun for you maybe. Why don't I get to wear the suit?'

    'You can wear it next time.'

    'That's what you always say...'

    'This time I promise!'