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Caspar Riga

from Carmine Vermilion (an underground train of thought)

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“I met Yusuf the second time I went to Israel. He had also been selected for the motor pool. We were introduced to the colonel and he showed us the strangest things he could make an engine do. Made us build engine parts from scratch with materials he had prepared. We built tanks that could run for two days without stopping for fuel, without really knowing what we were doing. Slowly he explained it to us. Every magnitude has a dimension, more correctly: a compound dimensionality, expressed as mass, length and time, given in various powers. For instance, the magnitude called ‘action’ has one dimension of mass, two of length and one of time. And ‘energy’ also has one dimension of mass and two of length, but it has two of time. Magnitudes may have half dimensions, like the magnetic and the electric magnitudes have, or any other fraction, he taught us, not telling us this last bit of knowledge was new.”
“The half dimensions?” asked Deborah. She still seemed really interested. And she was. She only had some trouble understanding him because she thought there were only four dimensions; three of space and one of time. Carmine told her:
“No, not the half dimensions. Those have been a given ever since Maxwell listed them almost…or over…a hundred-and-fifty years ago. No, the other fractions were new. One eighth of a dimension and five sixteenths. The colonel taught us that what we had been doing in the motor pool was recreating the engines until the magnitudes had the dimensions we wanted. Maybe that is not odd to you but to me, who had some basic training, it sounded like nonsense. Magnitudes had set dimensions, and these were listed, like those magnitudes that Maxwell listed. He listed the electromagnetic magnitudes, did I say that? Those are the halves, or as we say: the roots. So we learned that in fact these dimensions could be shifted and that energy could have the same dimensions as force, and force the same as energy. A whole new world opened up. We listened with different ears. Yusuf was interested in the colonel’s quantum mechanics, I liked the classical approach. He taught us that for every principle detected, certain other principles, due to the way they are derived, must always appear on neighboring dimensions.”
“On neighboring dimension? Not in?” Deborah asked. Her tone was not very serious.
“No, you should see it as a table or a grid, we call it a formula space, that numbers the dimensions. We say we number them by their powers. So we rate something at or on a certain number of dimensions. And once we have rated one kind of principle, we know the other cannot be far off. ”
“Alright. And the dimensions are mass and length and time?”
“Yes, love. So a so-called least action principle was to be found one dimension away from a principle of the conservation of energy. He also taught me how to make it appear at a fraction, or a manifold of that one dimension. And then he showed us the method we had actually been using. He called it Indexical Zero Theory.”
“You lost me.”
“I know. It argues that if any magnitude may become any other, it may also become dimensionless, which was the basis of transposing forces, which is what I do.”

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