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The Week That Was

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Patrick Rothfuss long awaited The Wise Man’s Fear has been slated for a March 1st 2011 release by his publisher. This is subject to him having the book done by September and although he thinks that that date is highly achievable, I for one have doubts based on his previous track record. Personally I think he should have waited until he actually had the book done before announcing it otherwise he's just making himself look more like GRRM and asking for the same sort of criticism. More so than already. Anyways I'll hope for the best as The Name of the Wind is one of the best debuts I've ever read.

While you wait you can always check out The Adventures of the Princess and Mr Whiffle. Die hard fans only I suspect. Buy direct from the publisher if you want a copy.

Link time:

[URL=""]Article[/URL] - Peter V Brett.

[URL=""]Interview[/URL] - George R R Martin.

[URL=""]Competition[/URL] - Kraken by China Miéville.

[URL=""]Competition[/URL] - Shadow and Betrayal and Seasons of War by Daniel Abraham(UK only).

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