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Blood of the Fold Part 1

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Blood of the Fold, Book 3 in the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind.

So Legend of the Seeker has been cancelled, but Iím going to continue reading the Sword of Truth Series anyway. Iím about 140 pages into book 3, Blood of the Fold, and here are my thoughts so far:

There has been a small amount of action with Richard and his gar friend, Gratch, fighting off a bunch of mriswith, and it was a decent scene. Overall it is moving a little slowly for my taste, but itís not too bad, as it is moving and there are some interesting events taking place.
Richard is the new ďLord RahlĒ, since he is the son of the slain Darken Rahl, our beloved villain from the first two books. This would make Richard the new leader of DíHara. There are many DíHaran troops in Aydindril because during Darken Rahlís reign the city was taken by DíHara. After the death of Darken Rahl, the DíHaran troops followed the Imperial Order who are a new faction looking to conquer the whole of the Midlands. Confused yet?

Here is where I have a minor problem with the direction of the plotline. It is now Richardís plan to become the new Lord Rahl and take control of the DíHaran troops and unite the Midlands against the Imperial Order. His first step in doing this is to get all the DíHaran troops in Aydindril under his command. My problem is not that he was successful in doing this, but that it seemed pretty simple for him to do it.

Some passages, especially dialogue parts, are a bit repetitive. I find that the same person will say the same thing 2 or 3 times in the same paragraph. If something is being said that is important, I can usually get it the first time. I donít need the point driven into my brain like a spike, Terry, thanks. On the other hand, I do like some of the passages that kind of remind you of what happened previously or refreshed you on who somebody is and what they may have done. Iíve read online that this is a criticism of Mr. Goodkindís, but I donít mind it at all.

Iíve also gotten my first taste of the ďlong-winded Richard speechĒ. Although it was long-winded and a little preachy, it wasnít all that bad. I mentioned earlier that I am 140 pages into the book, and I have one question: Where the hell is Kahlan at? I need my Kahlan fix so I can picture Bridget Regan in her white dress. Come on, Terry.

One thing I am really enjoying is Richardís new entourage. The three Mord-Sith (including Cara Ė yay!), his two bodyguards and the creature Gratch are a menacing group. Their scenes together really work for me.

Itís a decent book so far, but it could be moving along a little faster.

And Kahlan. We need more Kahlan.

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