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Ice dragon

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Working on some art for my next smashwords cover (the only cover I can design as my publisher does the print book / amazon and so on )

Let me know what you think...

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  1. N. E. White's Avatar
    Hmmm, I like the colors a lot. But the proportions seem odd. Odd for a book thumbnail and odd for the images you are trying to convey. Not sure what to suggest to help, though...
  2. N. E. White's Avatar
    Oh! I just noticed the little picture of the actually book cover!

    I don't like it.

    The white disappears into the screen. Let me go look for a link...hold on...
  3. N. E. White's Avatar
    Check out this guy's website:

    He offers some great advice and one that your current cover shows is that white covers look great on real books, but fail in the internet because they just fade to nothing.

    Also, the font you used makes it hard to read at that size. I'd just pick something with a thicker stroke or at least something that isn't double stroked.
  4. MLSawyer's Avatar
    Thanks tsmo. Its a work in progress that I have fun in doing, will see how we go
  5. N. E. White's Avatar
    Sorry. Didn't mean to come across harsh. I do like your other book covers and this plays on the same themes, I just don't like the white background. I honestly didn't see it. My eyes just rolled right over it. Would hate for folks to do that why scrolling on a bookseller's site.

    Good luck with it!