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Way of the World

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What is peace it is not, for I know the name of the savior but I know the savior wonít give me his name. The deepest depth of the chill caresses the soul for you are not pure, you when there is not war but war there is always. Your life could end like that but peace is no death, no hatred, and no worries at all for peace was in time before you can know. Yes we live to die we love to hate, what is war what is life. Why hate a black man walking across the street, all he did was smile and say hi. No you donít like that why because life without hate bores you. Donít worry death will come soon for lord has exciting hate for you in hell. Peace is what you want then death is what you wish to come abroad for the only way is R.I.P.

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  1. richrdcook's Avatar
    Whatever be the world, at last it depends on us how do we live in this, if we can be satisfied in small, then we can be the happiest...

    jordan belfort