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Book I: The coming of a Hero

“A hero will fall during a gladiator fight but a new one will rise from the ashes, as does the phoenix arises anew after death.” – Hidatus8 the Elder

Long ago when the world was covered with sand and occupied by four great seas. A man was sitting in his cell far below, in the belly of Gaia; the mother of earth. The world was not as it once was all the greats such as Hercules and Peruses perished in the Great War years ago. There were only two men that can almost be compared to the greats; one of them is the man sitting in his cell. A great man of six feet he bore golden blond hair, great muscles and olive skin that shimmered in the sun light. This mans name is Hirakles at the age of 51 he had lived a long life but now he sits jailed below listening to the crowd above screaming for blood sport. His eyes were closed thinking about his pregnant wife and his child that she is carrying. But enough of what he can not control; his mind had to think of the battle ahead. He knows not what lies ahead; all he knows is that he will do what he has always done. He will destroy which ever foul creature they have conjured up for him to face.
Hirakles pondering silently over the future was suddenly accosted by the sound of his cell door being opened “lets go you worthless **** it’s your time” snarled the Guard. With that Hirakles stood up and slowly walked the steps to the door of the stadium. The doors open and a beam of light shooting in, blinding Hirakles for a second. He opened his eyes and saw another man much smaller then him but only in appearance. He like Hirakles is known through out the world for the deeds which they had both done. His name is John. He hails from the lost city of Hematat which fell many years ago during the Great War. John was a man of small stature but muscles that would equal Hercules. He was holding a trident and a net. He looked straight at Hirakles and spoke “My old friend I see they have brought you to aid me in my fight.” Hirakles laughed and replied “I believe you are wrong brother for I am here to aid none but to share in the glory of both.” The two friends smiled at each other; with that the trumpets sounded. A fat man waddled up to the balcony over looking the stage he spoke loud but with fear in his black heart. “My beautiful people please drink, enjoy the wine of the vine of Lord Dionysus and watch the show of the two favorites of Lord Ares. Bring out the beast!” With that fell a hush over the crowd, for a few moments you could almost hear the breathing of the wind.
The silence was broken by the sounds of ugly huffs. A great Beast with six legs and eight arms came out; it was a Cyclops the ugliest our heroes have ever viewed. The beast had one eye as yellow as its teeth. Warts filled its face and took over the position of its eyelid. It was Bald and had no ears it was a true demon. With that 10 archers drew back their fiery arrows and shot those over head to signal the start. John was the first to act, throwing the net over the monster but it was no use; for the beast grabbed John in its mighty hand. Before it could break him Hirakles took up his sword and cut through its arm severing it and setting John free. The moment the blade sliced the beast black ooze came pouring out like the wine flowing from the cups of the wicked spectators. The roar of the crowd could be heard far and wide. John had thought that he could kill the beast with one blow. So he took up his trident and tossed it straight for the beast, missing it and landing straight in the ugly face of the snarling guard. The Beast was angry it ripped a piece of the stadium and hurled it at John striking his chest. Hirakles screamed with rage and began his offense. He knew that a beast with one eye could not beat a man with two. He climbed unto the stadium seats and ran through the crowd. The beast gave chase; crushing the spectators beneath his many legs. Hirakles aimed for the balcony in which the fat man was cowering under his seat. Blood filled the stadium while John was still lying barely alive. He was staring at a bow and arrow which was dropped by a fleeing guard. Among all of the chaos Hirakles kept thinking to himself “Zeus please let me defeat this nasty of a beast and I will forever give you what I have that is worth giving”. Hirakles came to the fat man and grabbed him by the neck. Just as the monster was about to snatch him up he turned slightly and the beast took the fat man instead and tearing his head off with its yellow teeth. As this was going on John crawled over to the bow picked it up. The beast then with its claws ripped through Hirakles shoulder tearing it from his body. The beast threw him back into the ring. Hirakles looked to John; though they were both near death, they nodded to each other. John took up the bow and fired striking the beast in the back taking its attention away. The beast with its mighty leg crushed John killing him. At the same time Hirakles gathered what little strength he had left and leaped at the Cyclops stabbing it in the eye with his sword killing the beast. Hirakles looked around him and saw the total destruction of the stadium and the blood soaked bodies of the crowd lying all over the place. He limped over to John and placed to coins over his eyes as a toll to cross over to the land of the dead. Hirakles then whispered to the mangled body of his friend “the day is won” with that Hirakles fell dead next to his old friend.
At the same moment in another land his wife gave birth to a baby boy. She looked at the boy and said in a loving voice “I shall name thee Rilakles. You my son will be a great ruler and even greater warrior as your father is.” Rilakles mother was to never know how right she really was.

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