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Where's the Water?

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Here is another thought for the math people, concerning our resources. One of the resources that is becoming increasingly scarce in our modern time is fresh water. There are of course many reasons for our diminishing water supply from over use, pollution, and waste, but here is one I think no one considers, us.

My thoughts are as follows:

1. The human body is, I beleive, 75% water.

2. Our population has increased drastically from early civilization until now.

3. A simple comparison of overall population in ancient times to that of today could give us an idea of how much more water is trapped within mankind.

Of course, there are going to be a lot of estimations included; average volume of water contained in a human, differences in human bodies then and now, and population estimations, but I bet even with these poblems, the results will be staggering in number. Food for thought old bean.

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  1. expatrie's Avatar
    Rob - you're killing me.

    Post the numbers!

  2. Gkarlives's Avatar
    I don't have any numbers, I am just putting a question out there for the math and science people. Hoping to get someone interested enough to take a look. What I have is an educated guess that I think people should take a look at, but I don't have the personal discipline to do it myself. However, it is like CO2 emmissions from cars, sure each car contributes only a small part, but when you add up how many cars there are, bam, the numbers hit you. Now think of water tied up in millions then in billions.