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Gaaaa. Overload.

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I took another look at the duotrope deadline calendar and it's like the whole year has three to five times more deadlines than the last time I looked. Tons of horror/scifi/fantasy deadlines.


And it looks like I can give "Heartbreaker" another polish, provided I ever finish "Bitter End" for that revenge anthology on the 15th of June.

Right now, "Bitter End" has all the appeal of a week-old bowl of oatmeal. I'm at 1,200 words of a needed 1,500 and well, what the heck is the story? Yes, it's a revenge story written during the zombie apocalypse (so it ties in, I guess, with my other two stories), but more specfiically what are the ... oh.. What specifically? I know why the character wants revenge, but not sure I want the reader to know. I think maybe it would be more interesting not to say and force the reader to speculate. Then again, I dislike stories where the characters play coy and won't let key information out to build suspense (a slightly tolerable gimick, in my opinion, at least some days.)

Struggling with this one a bit.

That and I have a laptop I'm using to write it, and there's a strong temptation to stare out the window. So now I go places and sit away from the window.



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  1. N. E. White's Avatar
    Ah, all you writers are the same. Complain, complain, complain.