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Caspar Riga

Making up my mind

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So I am blending the books. In the one book, the devil is the bad guy, in the other he plays no part. The plot of the latter revolves the rising and sinking of Atlantis and Mu, which in this story is due to artificial scarcity. That's where the taxes came in, but I don't want the cause to be the taxes. If you look back at the previous post, the cause is to be found with those " whose payment took place here." Those will be the Ancients, so now they must have made contact with El Dhja'athangh, who also brings God to the scene, of course. My God is a plain European God, so it's not Jesus, but the Boss of Him. In this sense, the devil relates to creation, since I am going to hold that he was taken from the garden (an older garden than Andai's) and recreated by the angels, in a period lasting 71421 years during which God only survives as 24 drops of water in the cosmos, up to the day the drops are recollected in Andai's hand and the man recognizes the Law in it. Anyway, the devil is going to be tossed and turned between these issues. I think I know what his role will become in light of the other ( bigger ) book, for he might be the only one who knows what payment was so akward that those people would still hear from him.

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