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Blood of the Fold Part 2

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Blood of the Fold, Book 3 in the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind.

Blood of the Fold is still moving a little slowly, but Iíve just passed the 300 page mark and now weíre getting somewhere. Iíve just met the newest villain in the book, the emperor Jagang, and although I have an issue with him that I will get into in a bit, his character is intriguing so far. The Sisters of the Dark fear him and Iíve heard a lot about him, so there was a little bit of build-up for him, and he didnít fall short. His ďon-screenĒ introduction was well done and he seems like a bad-ass, to put it bluntly.

What I donít understand about this very powerful emperor who commands an almost unrealistically large army is why so many, including Sisters in the Palace of the Prophets (which is technically in his empire) have not heard of him. I understand that people in the New World may not know who he is because of the boundaries and the Towers of Perdition and such, but still somebody with such great power as Jagang has should be more well known.

Something else I just canít grasp is how people, the Blood of the Fold in particular, who serve a righteous Creator can think that torture and murder are okay. I guess these religious fanatics fall under the same umbrella as those in the Crusades or maybe the modern day terrorists who think they are doing the work of their god. I struggle with this because I just donít see how people can think that way.

The obsession with the game JaíLa is also kind of silly. It almost seems that Mr. Goodkind put this in because he has some kind of bug up his ass about professional sports.

Hopefully there is a lot more with Jagang in the upcoming passages, and his plotline continues in a good direction. What Richard is doing in unifying the Midlands is starting to make more sense, but it still seems too easy. Overall the book is decent, and I expected it to fall off in quality from the first two from what I have read online so I am pleasantly surprised.

Oh, yeah. Where the hell is Kahlan?

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