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I Want it Back

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I just want to state here and now, that if by some freak occurance the Republicans get total control of the government and do away with Social Security, I want all the money I put in back. I beleive that is my right as a citizen. If I am never to see any service for the money I put in, then I deserve a refund. Think of the costs to a Republican government if we all stood up for our rights and demanded our money back for lack of fulfilling their obligation. We were made to give them money because they said it would be there when we grew old. You want to talk about lying to the American public.

Don't let them hand us a lot of excuses because to me that is a rule of law. If you promise something for a given payment and you receive payment, but do not provide what you promised, then you have to return the payment. That is why they said we were obligate to pay the bonuses at banks receiving TARP money. You can't have two standards (which we seem to actually have in this country).

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  1. N. E. White's Avatar
    The best we can do is educate folks and get them to vote this fall. If we can get enough folks voting, then maybe we won't end up with a Republican or a Democrat. Wouldn't that be something?
  2. Gkarlives's Avatar
    That is one of the reasons I post what I post, but the idea behind this post is more to get people thinking. If they don't understand the full consequences of having SS taken away, they can't make informed decisions. Many of the middle class voters that support the Tea Party or republicans do not understand what they are voting for. The republicans want to do away with SS altogether. Well if you vote for that, fine, but you need to remember that you have been paying into all your life and would therefore get nothing for your money. I can guess that the republicans making said choice will tell you nothing about that.

    They will tell you what a great victory it was, how you will not have to pay any longer, and smile, while they keep your money. Don't get me wrong, I don't necessarily think the democrats are doing a great job, but many are less cold hearted. In my opinion, the democrats are just as much at fault for this governmental mess we have since they failed to take stands and in many cases are bought off just like the republicans currently licking JP Morgan's boots. However, I no longer think a person with a business background would be a good choice either.

    I once thought of voting for Ross Perot, but now understand the mistake that would have been. One, businesses spend more time acting on the short term rather than the long term. Wall Street is an example of that policy taken too far. Two, some choices governments make can't be valued by a profit statement. Finally, I have been working in retail for 23 years and have seen a lot of poor decision making in a highly touted business. Sometimes, businesses become winners by having a higher average of good results over bad results, instead of brilliant management.
    Updated June 15th, 2012 at 07:14 PM by Gkarlives