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Day Brightner

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Having had a frustrating week of itching due to a case of poison ivy, I was feeling, shall we say, less than friendly. Late last night I decided to check my podcasts for my Zune, which I had not downloaded for a while, and got a happy suprise.

A new Squonk tale by P.M. Butler. Who is Squonk you say? Well, he is a Dragon who has appeared in two short stories read on the fantasy site I became aquainted with him in his adventure "Squonk and the horde of apprentices" which is the second story they had run. I fell in love with the cute little story and the crack narration.

So, imagine my suprise after almost a year without Squonk and on a miserable day, he returns. I eagarly await listening to this new story on my commute today. Another set of characters I am always excited to hear about are Sir Hereward and Mr. Fitz by Garth Nix. Lots of fun with these two on Podcastle. If you have never listened to stories read alot, these six stories alone would make listening to the podcasts worthwhile.

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