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Seeker and Lost Finales

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Page 368 of Blood of the Fold and finally Kahlan appears! Yay!

So Legend of the Seekerís finale was Saturday night and Lostís was Sunday. What a downer of a weekend because two of my favorite shows are now done. But both finales were very satisfying for me and I liked them a lot. Beware, there be spoilers, here. Weíll start with Seeker.

I liked how Seeker resolved their main conflict for this season and didnít leave it open at all. I find that refreshing especially since I think they finished filming before it was known that the show would be cancelled.

The action in the finale was great, and Iím glad Cara was back on Richardís side. What was done with Kahlan was an interesting twist, too. The background music is fantastic for this show, and Iím not just talking about the finale but throughout the entire series. Even though the show is light viewing and a little campy, it was still one of the few shows I watched every week and enjoyed a lot. I will miss it greatly.

I know there are conflicting opinions about Lost, but I really liked the way it ended. Jackís eye closing at the very end was the perfect image and now that Iíve seen it I canít imagine them leaving us with any other. I also liked how the show came back to focusing more on his character like it was in the beginning. There was a season or two in there where we got away from him a little more than I cared for, although I realize the cast was growing and other parts were becoming more important.

I had a feeling that something might happen to Jack because he was the obvious choice to protect the island and I was right about that. But I thought it would ultimately end up being Sawyer who was the one. It was cool that it turned out to be Hurley; his character is still one of the best. The Star Wars references got me every time! My favorite was from last season (I think) when he was writing the script for The Empire Strikes Back. Love that one.

I wish we could have found out what exactly the island was and what would have happened had the Man In Black gotten off the island, but the finale for Lost was awesome and there is now a gaping hole where that show was. As much as Iíll miss Seeker, I will miss Lost more.

Hereís to waiting for HBOís A Game of Thrones!

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