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I just want to let everyone know that I have moved my blog to The new address is Robert Garbin's Blog.

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  1. N. E. White's Avatar
    I love your new blog! Of course, I am biased. There's no reason why you couldn't post in both places. Except, there are some restrictions here (the n-word probably wouldn't fly).

    The new blog looks great. The theme you chose is elegant and professional.
  2. Gkarlives's Avatar
    Thanks tmso.
  3. expatrie's Avatar
    Boo. Now I have to track the dang thing elsewhere. Boo!
  4. Gkarlives's Avatar
    Sorry, but there are a lot more bells and whistles over there. Please follow the blog though, I need some love. Not a lot of followers yet. I am kinda lost in the crowd yet with something like 400,000 blogs compared to our 1,000 or so.