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The Bridal Dress

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So I went to just look at bridal dresses yesterday.
So many to choose from.
The one I chose to try on brought me to tears.
I looked at myself for the first time as a bride.

I could see a glimpse of my wedding day.
There was my mother in tears as she saw her baby standing in front of her now a woman dressed as a bride.
We both embraced each other with tears of joy.
The staff were wonderful, friendly and kind.
After one congratulated me with a hug another said she wants one too and hugged the bride to be.

I cannot wait for the day my groom sees me as his bride.
I cannot wait for our wedding day, to share with the people who mean so much to us.
I look forward to the day I become a wife to the man who changed my life in the best possible way.

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