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It's seems like years.

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t's the link to my old blog entries:

And now, to begin anew.....
It does seem like years since I posted in my blog. I happen to be on vacation - the first one my hubby and I have taken in over 22 years - and I find myself with time on my hands to think about writing.

We're in Atlanta for five days, mainly to see two concerts: Bill Frisell and Victor Wooten. But we're also justing getting rest, badly-needed, deep down rest.

The suburb of Atlanta we're in (Gwinnet) has all the appearances of great prosperity and growth. Last night, we visited an "outdoor" mall, very upscale, with music piping in from the shrubbery. We walked all around the square, looking in at exclusive shops and wondering where all the customers were. For that time of day, the place should have been bustling with shoppers, but it seemed nearly deserted.

There are huge housing developments with elegantly sculpted rock gardens and fountains marking their entrance. There are several strip malls as well as the Forum (last night's visit) and aregular indoor shopping mall, Gwinnett Place. But where are all the shoppers?

The streets are crowded all around the greater Atlanta area, including here, but the businesses mostly seem empty.

I have a feeling we here in American haven't even begun to see the economic dominoes truly begin their fall......I wonder what hard times lie ahead?

If Gwinnett is any indication, I think we are in worse shape than many can imagine.

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