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Now and Then

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I have a dark past that always hangs around.
In the shadows, it forever haunts me.
I deal with it from time to time when certain situations arise.
I always feared it would get in the way of being in a relationship.
Luckily for me I found such an amazing man who is more than willing to deal with it with me.
He is there whenever I need to turn to someone and let my emotions flow.

What happened in my past made me shut down completely.
I became this very shy girl.
It took 24 years for me to be able to live my life and to enjoy it.
I enjoyed life thanks to my man.
He showed me a whole new world.
I know this world can be very scary.

Since I've been with my loving fiancee I've become a changed woman.
I have heard so many people I know tell me since I have been with him they can see a glow in me.
And whenever I am with him I feel like I am glowing.
Although I tell him a lot how he has changed my life he could never really understand just how much he has turned my life around in the best way.

I used to get shy and not want to sing in front of strangers.
I hated the idea of singing in front of people who I don't know.
My fiancee and I are regulars at kareoke.
When I sing songs, I'll sing to my fiancee.
I drown everyone else out.
In those moments it feels like we're the only two people there.

One song I keep playing over and over is All my life by K-ci and JoJo.
It makes me so emotional because I feel as though I have lived that song.
I always prayed for someone just like my fiancee.
It took 24 years to finally find him.
At our wedding I plan to sing that song to my Groom.
I figure if I can sing in front of strangers, singing in front of family and friends is a piece of cake.
And I can't wait until they all witness that special moment.

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