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I was born in Australia in the Blue Mountains. I spent large portions growing up between those frigid towns and the humid rain-forests of far north Queensland. I moved around a lot and changed schools often as a young child of a single parent. My brother and I were undoubtedly a handful for our poor mother.

I travelled all over the world but after numerous years in security jobs I decided to join the Australian Army. A day came when I realised that kind of life was not for me and pursued my true passion of writing. I began my studies at the University of Canberra in a Bachelor of Writing and during the first year I wrote my first novel: Elf - Book one of the Rillian Wars.

I worked with Natalie Maddalena, a fantastic editor based in Canberra and together we polished my first manuscript. I was incredibly fortunate to have a commissioned piece of cover art supplied by the talented artist Adele Lorienne.

Being a fan of horror movies I had a hobby writing critique's and news posts under the nom de plume; Lionel Cosgrove.

Below is the author page I made on facebook I hope some of you can check out

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  1. N. E. White's Avatar
    Welcome, Dancairnes! Congratulations on your novel. Good luck.