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September 2012 S/F/H deadlines

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Has it been a year since I've done this? Work has been eating me alive, and the old home life, too. That and a nearly pathological need for sleep.

Just a sampling cut from duotrope (new format for the web site, give it a look).

Red Skies Press: True Dark Darkest horror 12 Sep 12
(9/30/2012) Tomorrow Anthology: Post-apocalyptic
(9/30/2012) In The Spaces Between Anthology: Science Fiction Mysteries

(9/30/2012) Story Star Publishing Short Story Competition: Stories with a fantasy fiction element

(9/30/2012) Dead North: Zombie stories set in Canada.

I'm thinking I might have something for True Dark, Tomorrow (nice cover), or Dead North. I only hope they don't pay in Canadian. Or Mapleleafs.


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Updated August 29th, 2012 at 10:45 AM by expatrie (added True Dark--which I could still conceivable hit the deadline for)

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  1. expatrie's Avatar

    And it turns out I had in my memory the True Dark deadline wrong. So I missed it even before I thought I'd missed it. I guess I can still hope for the 30th.