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My past, my shadow

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I took a week off work this week with my fiancee.
Drove up the coast of Sydney, 5 hour drive to see his parents.
Unfortunately I had to pass by these signs which triggered some painful memories from my past.
Sadly it's unavoidable, I do accept it.

Today I was back home and we had to go to my work to do a little shopping.
I was talking with some of my workmates.
One who mentioned I look happy,that I am always happy.
Tonight I thought about what she said.
If she only knew what I have been through.

I wish my life wasn't so complicated.
I wish I had that happy life I appear to have.
I can disguise it very well to so many people.
But behind closed doors I can be a crumbling mess.

My past is my shadow.
So dark it lurks beside me.
Even though I try not to look it always has a way of getting my attention.
There is no escaping my past, my shadow.

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