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The joys of a big city

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Tomorrow night will be our last night in Atlanta. We've spent most of our time actually resting......lolling around an extremely cushy hotel room and reading, sleeping.

I suddenly realized today that I haven't taken any ibuprofen or naproxen sodium since we got here. My body doesn't hurt! I never sleep very well, and apparently my body needed the deep, undisturbed sleep I've been getting while here.

It will be interesting to see how things return to normal when we get back to school on Monday.

The concerts we came for were both in a neighborhood in East Atlanta called the Five Corners. My hubby, who spent time in Haight-Ashbury in the late 60's, says the place makes him terribly nostaligic.

There were people sitting in a grassy public area, across the street from a local police spot, smoking dope. One man was strolling around with a pot of incense, and its heady aroma filled the air everywhere we went.

As for the concerts......Bill Frisell and David Geisz were just incredible. Frisell's guitar style is unlike anyone else's that I'm familiar with. It was fascinating to watch him use eight different control pedals, laying down loop after loop to build sound. I have always seen a connection between music and architecture, and what I saw last night was someone building true castles in the air......but castles with an edge.

And Geisz......I understand that playing a steel pedal guitar is extremely difficult, since there are no frets and the feet and fingers have to work together constantly to create that gliding, rich sound. He made it seem effortless.

We were sitting in the front row of a club that holds only about 125 people, and at the end of the concert, as the artists stood and we stood applauding, my husband reached out and said, "Can I have your pick?" and Frisell beamed broadly as he handed it over. Our son will die of ecstasy when we give it to him.

Tomorrow night we'll see Victor Wooten, and I am truly excited about that. Wooten has quite a reputation, apparently, although his name was new to me.

I am hoping that one day, after we retire, we can move into a city neighborhood like that, somewhere where great musicians come to little clubs all the time, and there is art and music and good food and incense and joy all around.

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