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Inventing a new genre

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I have been tagging my serial as a "space opera", but after reading a thread on the subject this afternoon, I realize that is not really the correct term for what I write. Although there will be space travel in the distant future of the storyline, for now everything is happening on two planets. If I read correctly space opera, in general, involves space ships and travel. When I used the term, I was substituting space for soap, as in "soap opera". TCC is basically a fantasy scifi romance soap opera. There will be quests, and mysteries and magic and ,well, everything but the kitchen sink.

I am writing for my own enjoyment, not looking toward publishing in book form, which is why I am writing in serial form. The story in my head will take a really long time to play out online. If it was in book form,it would be a a multi volume series,with each book having at least 1000 pages. What publisher is going to take on that? So online serial it is.

But what do I call my brand of fiction ? It is definitely fantasy,and science fiction(I take the fiction part very seriously ) and romance is a big factor. Any suggestions? Think I will just tag as fantasy for now, and leave off the space opera.

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  1. AlexJCavanaugh's Avatar
    I think it would fall under speculative fiction romance, but that sounds so bland. There's paranormal romance - why not fantasy romance?