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The Colony Chronicles-Pt.6-Quentin

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Quentin watched the three young women make their way to the small building in the back yard and sighed to himself. So many questions to answer that would only lead to more questions. How much time did he have before Alasdair returned? How much should he tell Sophie and her friends? So much depended on Alasdair. Could he be trusted? Alasdair had never betrayed him before, but things had changed on Tellus. The little he learned earlier was not promising. He couldn’t help but hope though.

“Gramps?” Sophie’s voice shook him from his reverie. He stepped into the cramped space and pointed to his daughter.

“Your mother didn’t die from a gun shot. It was a clean shot, through and through, missing any vital organs. Emeri heal very quickly. The wound would have healed even before she could have bled to death. The bullet was coated with an anti-heal agent, and a poison, the same poison that was used to kill your grandmother.” He looked at his wife’s body and smiled. “Elise would be very happy to know you are back, Sophie. She never gave up on the idea that she could work things out between Kira and me.”

“I want you to be apart of my life, Gramps. I promise I won’t shut you out, like I have before. But I can’t stay here. I have a job, a life I need to get back to soon. I called in sick this morning, but that will only work for a few days. I can’t afford to lose my job.” Sophie said.

“I don’t expect you to stay here forever Sophie. I just want a chance to get to know you, build our relationship. But if money is a problem, I can help.” Quentin smiled at his granddaughter reassuringly.

“Let’s just take it one day at a time. See where it goes, ok? My mom was poisoned?” she said changing the subject.

“Yes. A type of poison that not only kills the victim, but prevents re-animation.” Quentin waited for the obvious reaction.

“Did you say re-animation? As in come back to life?” Tasha asked.

“Emeri, and several other races, such as Tellusians, are very long lived and very hard to kill. One reason is that most of our organs, tissues and muscles can regenerate. It takes a very serious wound to kill. If a wound is bad enough, the body shuts down, ‘dies’ in essence, heals, then reanimates. I had to take possession of Kira’s body before an autopsy was done for several reasons. If an organ is removed, obviously, no re-animation. Once the connection with the body is broken, it cannot be reattached. And an autopsy would reveal some very odd discrepancies. Emeri have the same organs as Gaians, but in a slightly different orientation, plus we have a few extra. Our brains are smaller, the skull much thicker, and our bones are a lot stronger. And last, but not least, Kira might have tried to re-animate during the autopsy process. Everyone re-animates at different rates, depending on several factors. Since she had never died before, I had no idea when this might happen. I am just glad the monitors alerted me in time to get to her before anything was done.” Quentin barreled thru the explanation quickly, hoping he had told them enough to keep their minds off the mention of the monitors. “I brought her here and put her in the stasis chamber. It basically keeps the body preserved by removing all the oxygen. Without air, a body cannot re-animate even if it heals completely. It also cannot decompose. If I had the antidote to the poison, I could revive them both.” He saw the flicker of hope in Sophie’s eyes and hated what he had to say next. “This particular poison is rare, and the antidote even rarer and on Tellus. And I cannot return to Tellus.”

“Why not?” Sophie cried. “Alasdair went back, and you said he is returning here tonight. Why can’t you go back with him?”

“Because I have been exiled from Tellus, and if I return, I will be executed.”

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