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So, I have been ever so productive.
As long as I can keep this up it will, I hope, only be a matter of time before I get accepted somewhere.
I have submitted two more stories, one to Lightspeed mag and one to Strange Horizons. I hope they can reply quickly with their rejections so that I can send both those stories elsewhere. I do not believe that they will accept either of my stories - I wish to grow my collection of rejections. Once it becomes ordinary I will no longer feel that hope.
Luckily I can rest easy know that I am a writer acquired taste - that is what I tell myself anyways. You know, whatever helps ya sleep at night. But somewhere I will find my niche, I know I will. I know I will because most of what I read in these magazines I am not so interested in. I don't desire to write a story for the sake of a story. I wish to write meaning. Ideas. Questions that are relevant to our time. Make the read think as they process my words not glaze over the ideas with dull wandering thoughts. No. Sci-fi and fantasy can be a platform for those who want to think outside of what is possible and imagine the impossible; only like this can we create something truly new, unique, all our own. Lets put aside the cliches and find the life that lives outside ourselves and ask the questions or say the things that need to be said to inspire people think differently. Because if we can think differently we can create differently.
That is what I aim to do.

William Xander.

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