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The Mysterious Elidhu

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I've made my way out of the Innail Fesse, though not without a few blunders. Passing through a small mountainous village north of Innail proved difficult, even with a glimveil. The people there seemed to stirr when I creapt by, as if they could feel my presence even though they couldn't see me. I later found out that it was not I that created such a reaction.

It was late at night, a cold wind blowing down from Osidh Annova into the Weywood before me. I was thankful for my heavy cloak, although I still felt vulnerable in the dark. Suddenly, a beautiful woman appeared before me. There was something about her- something inhuman and fey that I couldn't understand, and yet I did not run. I was thankful for the company; I'd been alone for too long.

She knew my name, and her voice was like that of a thousand birds singing in harmony, of all the lakes and streams in Edil-Amarandh combined to create the unique sounds of nature- it was peaceful, relaxing. I knew then she was an Elidhu, the creatures that I'd read about in my studies.

"I am Ardina, Lady of the Weywood," she spoke. "The path you travel shall be lonely and perilous, but it must be done to ensure that Maerad succeeds in her mission."

At the mention of Maerad, my heart lifted. "How do you know of Maerad?"

"I have met not forget! For me, all times exist at once."

She spoke in such riddles and yet she did not try to decieve me. I had to trust this being, this person who had decided to help me. I wanted to ask her so many questions, if Maerad was safe, if she could see the future, but she disappeared into the night.

I do not worry that she will not return- I merely await her next visit, as I make my way away from Civilization into the Wild.

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  1. Maerad(",)'s Avatar
    I thought bards do not trust Elidhus?

  2. kiaga89's Avatar
    Perhaps not, my dear friend. However, I do not think this Elidhu means to hurt me, and as I am completely alone, to hear news of Maerad was more than comforting to me.