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Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

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Today marks the final day of our Spring Break, and wouldn't you know it......after a week of glorious rest and concert fun in Atlanta, hubby woke up in the early morning hours with what looks like influenza.

Since we are supposed to be back at school tomorrow to greet parents with happy smiles, I am afraid it will be more like the doctor's office for us. I do hope this isn't flu, that it's perhaps just the physical stress of a six-hour drive, end-of-vacation blues, and sinus congestion.

I have no deep thoughts to share, no insights into the state of the universe, or even the planet for that matter. My focus is on getting through to payday on Friday with hubby feeling better.

I was thrilled to pick up a copy of Scott Baker's new hardcover and see "SFFWorld" on a review blurb. I showed that to hubby and proudly pointed out that I "knew" the person who wrote the review, and he basically just said, "Okay." He is not at all impressed that I rub cyber-shoulders with folks who have some standing among the sci-fi/fantasy global community.

I really do have to break out my old copy of his first book and give it another go. At the time I tried to begin it, life got in the way. Come to think of it, that was around the same time I started my first Malazan book, and I wasn't able to get into that one, either. Definitely time to try them again soon......after I finish reading every Richard Jury novel in existence.

As we slide into spring - or into fall, in the land of Oz - I hope everyone has a bonny time ahead. There is always something to smile at, however low we feel.

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