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Sunday at the ER

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My hubby and I just got home from spending about seven hours in the ER. We thought he basically had flu, and the idea was to get him the doctor's note he needs to be excused from an absence on the day after a holiday without me missing a day to bring him to the local clinic.

Well, they ruled out flu rather quickly and did a chest X-ray. After a little while, I saw the familiar cowboy boots that his oncologist always wears passing by under the curtain enclosing our room, and I peeked out. He was pondering the X-ray, which showed a large cloudy area filling most of the bottom of hubby's right lung.

I started trembling, and just felt like my entire world was crumbling before my eyes. For those of you that don't know, hubby had his cancerous pancreas removed completely in November of 2003, and has been cancer-free ever since. Now, when pancreatic cancer mestastisizes, it is often found in the lungs.

The doctor came and seemed quite definite about ruling out cancer, but he also didn't seem to be sure whether or not it was pneumonia. He put hubby on a broad-spectrum antibiotic and said if he hadn't improved in a couple of days, he wanted to see him in his office.

When I heard that he didn't think it was cancer, I utterly fell apart.....blubbered like a silly baby. Can you believe crying from relief?
It was so traumatic, I still haven't fully gotten over it. I was so's hard to find the words to convey the dread that washed over me as I looked at that X-ray.

Hopefully, the Levaquil will clear this up, and everything will look brighter in a couple of days.
I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Hobbit's Avatar
    Hope this is all less than it first appeared, Elda. Best to you and hubby.

  2. Eldanuumea's Avatar
    Thanks, Mark. He is home from school today and feeling much, much better. Apparently Levaquil is quite a high-powered antibiotic. It ought to cost 60 bucks for seven pills - and that's with insurance!!