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Well I never?

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If some one offers you any Aberdeen Angus steaks going cheap? We have cattle rustlers. I kid you not. A farm down the road had five prime beef cattle stolen last week. It used to be the Audis and BMWs from the posh new houses on the south side of the village, now it is the blooming livestock being nicked.

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  1. N. E. White's Avatar
    Yikes. Ya got to wonder who would steel five cows. Maybe a revenge thing? Or maybe a starving neighbor? Aliens? Good start to a story, Hol, I just may use it.
  2. Holbrook's Avatar
    Well, with best beef going here from 14 per kg (supermarket price) to upwards 30 for your organic grass fed.

    There's a lot of money in five beef cattle that were out in the fields.

    Most likely illegally butchered and sold on a market stall (or in a Pub)somewhere.

    Been happening a lot, over a 100 pigs were stolen not so long ago from a farm.
  3. kater's Avatar
    Aberdeen Angus from England How does that work?
  4. Holbrook's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kater
    Aberdeen Angus from England How does that work?
    Same way as leeks from Norfolk