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Dari, the sword of freedom

Chapter 1, part 1

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Dari had been sitting under big oak tree. Sun was near the horizon and paint all around in the light red color. Dark shadows covered the valley bellow and there was so quiet around that Dari could hear her heart beating. She was alone on this hill as she was alone in this world. Few weeks ago the enemies burned her village and her family had been killed this day. She was alive only because she went into the woods to fetch some mushrooms for dinner. And at the time she returned only the charcoals had been left from the village.
She stayed in the forest until last soldier left the village and she heard that they said that they are the scouting party from the biggest army of great warlord Dantest. When they left the village Dari tried to find anyone from your family or friends but all of them had been killed. She could not cry and could not think of anything but finding this warrior and killing him.
It was strange for her because she was not any kind of warrior but simple village girl who liked more than anything in the world to hear the stories which village elder usually tells to young villagers, or goes to the forest lay down and watch the sky through the tree’s branches. She even did not pay attention to the young village’s men and their prank as other girls did, so they think that she is too young and naďve and left her alone.
And now this new and strong feeling about killing someone – it was so not she, but may be it was not old she because now some new girl had been born from the ashes of her village.
And she went after the soldiers who burned her village hopping that they would lead her to Dantest.
She did not know yet how she will kill him.
She never killed anyone in her life – even chicken, or fish. One time her brother took a bucket of catfishes and when she started to prepare them for cooking they jumped all over the table and even on the floor and she ran away crying for help and could not cook them even after her brother killed them.
But now it was so far, far away from her and she feels that she could kill this Dantest by her bare hand. But she was smart and understands that the feeling could not help her in her mission. It takes to know how to kill when you want to kill. If he is a great warrior she need to study some martial art to kill him in battle or she could try to poison him and pretend to be his servant for this.
«No, « she thinks this is not the way.
«I do not want poison him I want to win the fight with him and look in his eyes when he will die. And to win the fight with him I should be the greater warrior than he is. How I can achieve this in a shortest time? Who can help me? «
At this point Dari remember one of the stories which had been told in her village, the story about the great martial art Master who lived in the mountain near the White Mountain. They said that this Master had been very old –older than all elderly in her village but still he was strong and healthy and could fight 10 men at once and win.
«So I should go to him and ask him to teach me», Dari thinks.
And it was the first time she feels relaxed. After she left the village she was like tightly chained or jammed into her pain and despair. But now when she got the goal she feels much better and even was able to eat a bite of bread and fall asleep in the first time during few days.
Next morning brings light rain and Dari woke up with the water on her face. She could not say were it rain droops or her night cry made the face wet. This night in her dreams she saw her parents and brothers as they always were in the village. They were busy, happy and alive.
She decided to start the day as fast as she can, skip the breakfast and go toward the White Mountain. It were two days walk and she wanted make it one day, so she almost run and made only short rest periods during the way.
And it helped. Next morning she had been staying near the mountains and in the right side was the White Mountain and on the left side was the White City.
She didn’t want to go to the city, although it always was her most precious dream to visit this city, which had been full of arts, book stores and other fine places. Girls in the village often spoke about this city and dreamed to visit it and even better to get married with someone from this city.
But now all these girls’ dreams had been dead as had been dead all girls who dreamt them.
Dari turned her eyes from the city toward the Mountain and started her way up.
She remembered that Master lived near the place there the clouds touch the mountain and she started to run again, hopping that she will have enough strength to run all the way up.
She was wrong, after an hour she had to sit down and rest before continue her way.

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  1. dragonangel517's Avatar
    I really like this. I can tell English is not your first language, but everthing is understandable. I will eargerly read the rest.
  2. Nadejda's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by dragonangel517
    I really like this. I can tell English is not your first language, but everthing is understandable. I will eargerly read the rest.
    Thank you very much, I am glad you like it

    you are right English is not my first language- it is Russian, but since I live in USA almost 11 years now I am between the language now.

    I a, feeling like my Russian starts to get some English accent and still do not get rid of Russian accent in my English.