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Dari, the sword of freedom

Chapter 1, part 3

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Dari glance around and sees small hut under the White Mountain. Master stepped into the hut and ray of light get free from the inside, lightening the white snow and dark stones around. The last sunlight mixed with this ray and suddenly pictures Dari’s family as they used to sit around the fire during long winter evenings. Her parents were smiling at her, waving their hands. Dari was so surprised and frightened that she could not say a word. Master took a look to her and to the picture and understandingly shook her head.
“It’s al right, do not be frightened, it is your mind playing with you and opened the veil covering the path between our world and the world of subtle beings there your parents are now.”
“Are they happy there? “ Dari asked in trembling voice.
“They are for now, but your choice of revenge could make them suffer.”
“But let’s talk about this after you will rest and eat. By the way, my name is Rina. It’s very unsuitable to think all the time: Master, Master.”
“How do you know that I think about? “ Dari asked.
“You are thinking so loud, that I even getting headache from this noise, “ Rina smiled.
“So let’s stop thinking and start eating. Here are some milk, honey and bread; I’ll boil the water for tea. Sit, eat, and be comfortable.”
Dari looked around the hut and see a lot of fur blankets covered the chairs, floor, bed. Big black cat was sitting almost under the hut’s roof with his (or may be her) yellow eyes closed in half. And in the silence she could hear the purring. Suddenly one fur blanket under the table starts to move and she understand that it was not blanket at all, it was very big even giant dog covered by long heavy fur. Dog’s eyes shine under the fur, tail was moving in welcoming mood.
“Do not be afraid- Hairy do not byte, at least not before I told her to.” Rina said turning her head from the stove there she was preparing the tea.
“Hairy, sit down please,” she said, and this mountain of fur drops down the floor and starts to look at Dari with real interest.
«And what the name of your cat?» asked Dari. I am myself more cat person, I am afraid of dogs, may be a little, but cat’s are much more friendly and softly. She tried to pet the cat while she said it, but cat hissing very angry and pulled the paws with open claws toward Dari.
«See,» Rina said. ” Cats are not always friendlier than dogs. Hairy would not bite and even would let you pet her, but Doomush would tear your in pieces if you only touch him. May be in the future he would let you touch him but you should earn his favor.”
Dari decided that it would be better for all if she just quietly sit down and eat something. The milk, bread and honey were very tasty and she ate all standing on the table in the blink of the eye.
“Oh, I see you are getting better.” Rina smiled while bringing tea cups to the table.
“Now please drink this tea and lay down on the bed» you need a good night sleep. In the morning we will start our lessons.”
Tea was little strange tasted, but Dari didn’t have time to say about it because after drinking her cup she immediately fell asleep.
In the morning she woke up with the strength which she never felt before and thought that it could be due to the tea or the whole place. Never before she felt so calm, loved and harmony as she feels now.
She took a look around the hut and notices that nobody was there - Rina, Hairy and Doomush were gone.
«May be it was a dream and I’ve never met the woman- Master and her pets?» thought Dari,
« But how did I get here and who started the fire in the fire place then?”
«Are you awake? “ Rina asked stepping inside with woods in her hands.
«Yes,» answered Dari understanding that it was not a dream and yesterday she did met the Master.
Today Rina looked even more beautiful but something else in her Dari could see in the day’s light. May be it was some cold steel in the eyes or hard power in the lips curve.
Today Rina looks more like great Master.

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