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Dari, the sword of freedom

Chapter 1, part 2

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During this time she ate last piece of bread and drunk last drop of water. It seems that it helped and she was able to run again. But soon she had to slow down and go very carefully because the road became too tiny that she could not see it around the stones and should find the place for every next step.
Suddenly she felt someone present and stopped.
«Where are you, « she asked with trembling voice.
«I could not see you.»
«Do not worry.» Gentle, yet powerful voice answered
«I am here, just look down near your feet. «
She looked down and saw the big old yak’s horn and woman inside it.
«Are you so small that fit into the horn? « She asked
«No, I am the size like you are but when I need a shelter I could fit anywhere. «
«Are you the witch? « Dari asked in fear, because in her villager people didn’t like wizards and witches and were afraid of them.
«No, I am not a witch, or you could say we all are witches, because all of us could do the same that I did. Of course, but it demand some training,» woman answered and became the same size Dari is. Now Dari could see her better and understand that she is very young and strong and very nice as well.
«Do you know where I could find the Master? « Dari asked her.
«I am sure that it was him who taught you this trick. «
«Yes and no, « woman answered.
«I know where you can find him and it was not him who taught me. Actually Master is right in front of you. «
«Where? « Dari started to look around, but nobody except them was there.
«Oh silly girl, do not swirl your had, I am the Master, « woman said.
«Impossible, Master should be old and at least he should be “he” and you are some lying silly girl, « Dari said in loud angry voice.
«Why do you think that Master should be old? « woman asked.
« He is the Master and sure he knows how to stay young, or he would not be the Master and would not be clever at all- yah? What thing people want more then anything? «she asked and answered herself: «They want to be young and strong forever, so who we could name the Master Only person who achieved this great goal and it is me. «
«And what about your assumption that Master should be man? It is common to think that wisdom goes only from man, but tell me don’t you ever see wise women? «
«Interesting points,» Dari glanced at the woman under her long lashes.
«May be you are right, I never thought about it and now I see that it could be true. But what else do you know except to be young and to fit in small objects? «
« I should say that I do not know anything. At least philosophers like to say that, « she smiled. « But I can say that I know a few things more, the most important question is- what do you need to know and why do you try to find the Master? «
«I need to study martial arts to be able to kill Dantest, « Dari inhaled deeply and tried to keep her eyes from tears.
«Why do you think that you need to kill him? I know that his people killed your folks and destroyed your village but don’t you think that could be another way to deal with it? « Woman’s face didn’t changes but eyes became warmer, irony and smile left them.
«I could not sleep, I could not eat unless he is out of the world, such person should not live,» Dari’s voice was strong and loud, tears dried out from her eyes and they shine like sword’s blade.
«All right, I see that now it would not be the right time to change your mind and I’ll help you to study the martial arts. Follow me but do not look down, “ she said and turns to the edge of the canyon. Dari tried to follow her going exactly to her steps. It was not too hard because here were a lot of snow and woman’s steps printed very clear way in it.
But after a few moments Dari understand that she left the solid ground and putted her feet onto the clouds. Dari stopped in fear to follow her to this way. Woman didn’t say anything –only wave the hand and Dari understand that if she would not follow her she would lose her, because she would not wait. So she grabbed her amulet and step onto the clouds. Her commitment to achieve the goal was so strong that she thought that it does not matter if she would fall down if there is slight chance that she could follow the Master.
She feels like her hart stop beating and start it again when she realize that she doesn’t fall but is going after the master on the clouds.
“Good girl, I see that you really want to study” woman smiled “Do not worry, we are near my home now and you’ll get some food and rest there.”
“I told you that I could not eat or sleep,” said Dari with angry voice.
“But you should, because the study would take some time and if you’ll not eat or sleep you can dye.”
“Well, I’ll eat and sleep if it is necessary to get what I want”. Dari said.
“Good”. Master smiled again.
“We are here now; you can ease your hand and free your amulet.”

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