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Dari, the sword of freedom

Chapter 1, part 5

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“Who is Master Herdrim and why did he joined Dantest? I thought that Masters are good people and could not fight alongside with warlords.” Dari said
“Oh you are making very common mistake. Masters not all good - they are the same as all other people:some good, some bad, but they know how to keep themselves in hand and do not show their real face at first glance. Sometimes they keep doing it all life and nobody know what is it inside their head, but sometimes they open this curtain a little and people could see the big battle inside them. The battle between good and evil, the same battle every one in the Universe are involve,» Rina said.
“And this Herdrim is bad and powerful?” Dari asked, feeling like fear grabbed her heart by frosting hand.
“He is not bad, just failed once in this battle between good and evil and now he is facing the consciences of this fail. And yes, he is powerful. He was my student once and I taught him something, “ Rina smiled.
“But why do you smile? Is it dangerous for us? How we could defeat him,» Dari’s questions shoot like peas from children’s tube
“I am smiling because it is not dangerous for us and I do not intend to defeat him. He will defeat himself, may be not now but in future for sure. Every time someone loose the inner battle with evil the results will appear sooner or later and for Masters it will be rather sooner and greater. Boomerang will strike and it is inevitable.»This time Rina’s eyebrows show her bad mood and Dari stops asking the questions, though she was dying to know how Rina plans to avoid the battle with Herdrim and Dantest.
Meanwhile Rina starts to pack some clothes and food in big saddle bags and in a few minutes it had been done. Dari doesn’t have any things to pack, so she tried to help Rina.
When all necessary things had been packed Rina whistles and Hairy appears in the door. After that Rina said something strange like: ks-ks-ksss and Doomush jumped from the top of the shelf to Rina’s feet.
«All right guys, time to go,” said Rina putting the small saddle and saddle bag to the Hairy and inviting Doomush to sit on this saddle.
Doomush jumped to the saddle as he was used to it and Hairy was standing steel allowing him to find comfortable position.
«See- it is how we usually travel,” Rina showed to Dari.
«That’s interesting,” Dari was surprised how cat and dog were taught to be like rider and his horse.
«But there do we go? If the canyon will be soon full of Dantest’s army and there is no other way from this Mountain?” Dari’s voice was trembling, but she tried to keep it quite.

“It is not right» we have another way out, but nobody know about it but me,»Rina smiled.
“Keep your head up, and do not worry we would not be followed, though Herdrim was my student I didn’t teach him all I know,” Rina moved her hand from up to down waving it like it was a snake and the rainbow door appears in front of them in the thin air.
“What is it?” Dari whispered, because her voice went down from the picture that opened in front of her eyes
“It is a portal and we can go through it anywhere we want,” Rina opened the door and her hand, which touched the door, became made of rainbow too.
“Hey Hairy, hurry, we have to go quick, because I am hearing the noise of the army few miles from here.” She said

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