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Bitching about the bitching of the bitching

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Not sure what I'm bitching about? I'm bitching about the bitching about the bitching over George R R Martin and the long wait for his next book. You know that guy that became famous for killing off characters you thought were main characters and therefore immune to death. He writes good books too.

Before I start here's my disclaimer: Although I love the books(first three) and think he's a great writer, my dislike for the guy is so great that I decided before A Feast for Crows came out that I would no longer buy or read the series anymore. Why? Well I feel that he insulted me twice during the wait for Feast. Firstly when he told people who complained about the wait to get a life and then after Bush won his second term and he decided to attack anyone who voted or would have voted for Bush in an update about Feast. So yeah he's a fat git.

Ok back to the bitching about the wait. As an outsider(as much as I can be) looking at the debates that rage around this issue, this is how I see it. There be four groups. The paitent long suffering fan who tries to feel superior by saying it takes as long as it takes and it will be worth the wait and you cant rush art blah blah blah. The apologists who make up excuses for him and rewrite history to prove that it really isn't as long as a wait as it seems or that other authors have taken longer blah blah blah. The diehard fan who just needs to vent be it via forums or blogs aimed at mocking the man but who will still be lined up at midnight to buy the next book and lastly there is the group who are the most sane people IMO who have just had enough of the delay and the apparent lack work ethic from GRRM and quite calmly say so.

The long suffering fan group are the bitches. They bitch about people bitching about the wait or who attack GRRM. What these bitches fail to appreciate most of the time is that if no one was bitching about the wait or GRRM's work ethic then the books most likely wouldn't be worth reading to start with. People don't usually bitch about stuff, especially with the passion which occurs in this debate unless they have strong feelings about the thing there bitching about.

So stop the bitching bitches so I dont have to bitch about you! Let the the other bitches bitch and be happy about it.

End Rant.

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  1. dragonangel517's Avatar
    Great rant!