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Dari, the sword of freedom

Chapter 1, part 4

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«Let’s eat and start our training,» Rina said.
She puts some wood in the fireplace and brings milk, bread and honey to the table.
Dari feels hunger and starts to eat as she used to do before the tragedy. She was curious why she recover so quickly - was it the Master’s doing or the charm of the Mountain air.
Never the less she ate all the food on the table in blink of the eye and rushed to the door.
«Rina, let’s go, quickly, you should teach me to fight,» Dari jumped on the spot and waves her hands asking Rina to go outside.
« I am going, I am going, do not worry, but you should be patient- it is the most necessary virtue you’ll need with my training.”
«I’ll try to be patient; I’ll try but let’s go now.”
They stepped outside and Dari was astonished by the beauty of mountain’s sunrise.
But she got to move forward after Rina to the small plateau free of snow. When they got there Rina took of her hood and Dari sees the big sword in her arm.
«Here is the sword of freedom,» Rina says
«You should start to learn how to fight with it.”
«But how do you teach me – here is no other sword? “ Asked Dari.
« We do not need other swords, “ Rina smiled.
« It the only one you’ll need now and for ever.”
«But what about you? I thought that you should have the sword to teach me how to fight,» Dari said in surprise.
« No, I do not.”
«Take the sword and start to go around this plateau with the sword in your hands, try to think nothing, only feel the sword and in one moment you’ll feel how to hand it and how to fight.”
« It can take a while but this skills will be much better any other skils, which could be obtain in the sparing teaching fight, because it would be teaching from within”
« We have all knowledge and skills we need inside us, only we could not unwrap it from our every day thinking routine. “
« Go on»- take it and start to walk around with it,” Rina said again.
Dari took the sword, it was heavy and warm from Rina’s hand, and starts to walk around in rectangle.
She walks and walks and after a while she notices that Rina was gone and only Hairy was sitting near the path and watching her moving.
It was very difficult to stop thinking and looking around, sword was getting heavier and heavier, but Dari was continued to walk. The scenes from her past were dancing in her head, her hands became like stones and her feet were getting step by step as every step was the last step. But she continue to walk before sun start to goes down and when last sun’s ray had been gone she crashed on the cold stones and understood that she could not take another step, but she didn’t feel how to hand the sword for fight either.
The angry tears drops from her eyes and she start to think that Rina was not the Master, that she joked on her and was laughing looking on her heavy steps with the sword around this plateau.
Suddenly she feels the warm hand getting her up and Rina’s voice said
“I do not laugh at you, and actually I didn’t even watch you, I had much more things to do than to watch angry girl. If you think that it is too difficult to you to get this training you can go home any time you want.”
“No,” Dari said.
“I want to get this training and I do not have home or any other place to go. I have to fight for my home first.”
“That’s better,” Rina said.
“But you’ll get some time to rest because we can’t continue your training now. “
“ Why?”
“Because Dantest and his army are on our doorsteps-across the canyon, and even worse Master Herdrim joined him and could help him pass the canyon on the cloud.”

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  1. dragonangel517's Avatar
    Getting interesting.
  2. Nadejda's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by dragonangel517
    Getting interesting.
    I hope it will be interesting .

    I should continue to write because I am already posted nearly the half of written text.

    I 've decided if there will be someone who like it I'll continue, if not I'll drop it.