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Dari, the sword of freedom

Chapter 1, part 5( continue) And Chapter2 part 1

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Hairy went through the door without hesitation, as she was used to travel with the help from such strange doors, and Dari thinks that of course Hairy is used to it, but for Dari it was very hard to pull herself together and go through this door, may be even harder than step on the cloud after Rina yesterday.
Oh, it was only yesterday when she starts this new and unusual life with traveling through portals and clouds, but there was no time to think about it – she had to go after Hairy and she made this step and felt like she went through some jelly with very good smell, like peaches, she fought and, she licked her lips, very good taste.
She turned her head back and manages to see how Rina made her hut and portal’s door disappear after them by one wave of her hand.

Chapter 2

Dari looked around and notice that they no longer were in the Snow Mountain, they were near the ocean, and sun lighted the area with the killing heat and ocean’s waves whispered to them like they are asking her to go to swim.
Hairy lays down in the shadow of the palms she breathes hard and her tongue had been out.
“Of course it was not easy to be in such hot place being dressed in such warm hairy coat,” Dari thinks.
«Where are we,” she asked Rina, who was looking back as she could see what is going on in her hut, or to be more precisely on the place there few moments ago this hut was.
Rina turned to Dari with satisfaction on her face. “ All right they age running around the place seArchieng for my hut and me, but Herdrim could not see what happened and they do not know there I am now, poor Herdrim their anger could be dangerous for him,” she smiled.
“ But we can forget about them for some time and start to do what we came here to do.”
«We came here to do something?” Dari was surprised, she thought that they just wanted to escape from Dantest’s army.
«Of course we came here to do something, I’ve planned to get here for some time now, but daily routine prevented me, you know how it is. Every day someone comes to ask about something. And I thought that I’ll go tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. So I had to thank Dantest and especially Herdrim for knocking on my door, because without it I could never go here. You see most of the evenst in our lives not what they seem to be from the beginning. It could seem like great unfortunate but turned to be great fortune.” she smiles again.
«But why do you have to get here, what do you have to do?”Dari asked mostly to keep conversation going because it was not very interesting for her what Rina has to do here. Dari keeps thinking about her goal, about killing Dantest. And now she thought that it became far away from her even farther than yesterday. Now they were nobody knows where and Rina will be busy doing something instead of teaching Dari to fight.
Dari can’t keep her disappointment inside and Rina notices it.
“Do not worry. My work here would not prevent you from studying how to fight, may be on the opposite it will help it, as I said before we never know how things would turn out. So be happy because it better always to stay in the good mood.”
«I’ve been called here by people who now struggle under the ruling of scary and strange woman named Moreva. Their king had been gone and nobody knows how and there did he go without anybody knows. And this Moreva appear from out of nowhere and starts to rule with no justice. Only with power and her evil will.” During saying it Rina looked around like she was looking for something.
«What are you looking for?’ Dari started to look around following Rina’s eyes.
«I just want to find us a good spot to put a hut or may be it better will be to find a cave. It is too hot out here at day and it will be too cold at night and in the cave the temperature will be more stable.” And Rina starts to walk toward the small hill, which was visible behind the palms.

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